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Familybuilder Reaches 16 Million Profiles on One Year Anniversary

June 27, 2008 - 12:00 PM PDT- by Kristen Nicole

Genealogy Genealogy tool Familybuilder (formerly known as iFamily), has reached an important milestone - 16 million profiles built within its network. Having launched a year ago today as a Facebook application The-New-Faces-at-Facebook , Familybuilder has spread to a number of other networks like Bebo and Orkut.

This has allowed Familybuilder to take a similar approach to other services like LendingTree, which have taken full advantage of multiple social networking platforms. With an internal application on some of the most popular social networks, Familybuilder is able to leverage the far stretch of these networks, as well as the existing relationships that its users have already built. While it's not entirely common that the bulk of your family members will be on any of these social networks, Familybuilder has become a useful tool for connecting with family members that are (we all have at least one cousin on Facebook!).

In the near future Familybuilder will spread its reach even further by allowing family members to fully search and connect with each other regardless of their social network presence, giving Familybuilder even more legs to stand on as it competes with established services like and other recent emergents like Geni.

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