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FamilyBuilder Hits 10M Profiles, Links Trees Across Facebook, MySpace, Bebo

April 4, 2008 -03:05 PM PDT -by Kristen Nicole

FamilyBuilder, formerly known as iFamily, has reached a major milestone this week, with the creation of 10 million family tree Family tree profiles through its genealogy Genealogy service, specifically through its Facebook and Bebo applications. What's more, is the recently funded FamilyBuilder has also launched its MySpace application, so there's now even more room for growth.

As strange as it may seem, FamilyBuilder has its integrated social network applications to thank for its rapid growth and recent milestone. In leveraging users' social graphs, the ease of building out a collaborative family tree is emphasized with FamilyBuilder's applications.

Now, FamilyBuilder is taking things to the next level, by connecting all of its integrated applications, across the major social networks. This should make things even easier for end users who would like to dig into their social spheres in order to build their family trees, and share them with others, including friends. Surely, more developers will be using similar cross network approaches to the aggregation of data and use cases for the end users.

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