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July 22nd, 2010

Facebook Application Helps Connect Gen X And Gen Y Online

In the past month, millions of parents and grandparents have joined over 500 million individuals on Facebook, the popular social networking site. Many of these new Facebook users sign up in order to connect with grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews, through family applications like Family Tree.

Family Tree, the flagship product from New York based Familybuilder®, offers a great combination of social functionality (newsfeed, polls, family member profiles) and genealogy functionality (building a family tree). It resonates with Generation Yers and Xers looking to stay in touch while using a network that they already frequent, and Baby Boomers who desire to connect with their younger, technology savvy family members, as well as discover new family connections.

Thanks to Familybuilder®, three generations of family can communicate, share their genealogy, browse photos, exchange messages, and plan family get-togethers. Communicating with living relatives is an excellent way to not only learn about family history, but also to record family events as they occur - each new baby born or new proofile created is an opportunity.

About Familybuilder: Familybuilder®, is a leading Internet application development company focused on building family-oriented applications within online social networks. The company's flagship product, Family Tree, is the leading social family / genealogy application on Facebook. Family Tree can be found on Facebook at or via the company's website at The company was founded in June 2007 by Ilya Nikolayev and Andrew Merkatz and is currently privately held.

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